Counselling for Teachers

I have known Eileen for many years and recently visited her for a coffee and a catch-up.

She told me all about her business and all of the amazing things she was doing. She had set-up her website herself but felt it didn't quite get over 'her' and what she was about. It felt a little corporate and although she and her colleague do teaching workshops, there was a lot more she offered, which wasn't quite being reflected.

Here are some images from her previous site.

I asked if I could have a scout around her website dashboard and I noticed that there was not spam protection plus other much-needed plugins.

The site also contained blurred images and the copy was informative but was presented in a way that didn't compel you to stay on the page for long. In addition, it really didn't easy show that Eileen also did one-to-one counselling sessions from her beautiful garden cabin, so this needed to be highlighted. I also suggested adding a blog page (great for SEO) and a FAQ page.

I loved Eileen's reaction when she first saw it completed 'Wow!! I - LOVE - IT!!! And you! It's so fab!! Thank you doesn't begin to cover it xxxxx'

Check out her new site at http://counsellingforteachers.co.uk/


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