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Not getting found in search results? Here are some reasons why...

Sometimes its difficult to see the woods from the trees and having a fresh pair of eyes can sometimes be all you need to bring things up-to-date!

Google is the number one player when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation) and the ranking of your website and it changes its algorithms (how it searches and how it ranks websites) all the time.

If you've had your website up and running for a long time, your keywords and more importantly your content may be out of date, which means you drop down Google's pages and eventually into oblivion! NO ONE CAN FIND YOU THERE!

Two things to think about...

  • As of 2013 there were 1 Billion websites live, so being at the top of page one (PS. NO one can guarantee you first place on Google, every time, its impossible and if anyone or company tells you this then walk away!) is crucial to your business.
  • Time is so precious to everyone these days - people tend to scan results pages and if you are not on that first page and have an engaging 140 characters - they ain't going to click on you!

Content is king!

Google likes content more than anything and is used to organically to catapult you up the ranking. Its sharable, can be updated constantly and can contain all your keywords which customers use to find what they need - is yours relevant, does it contain the keywords, is it updated frequently? Do you know about how to find keyword search terms and the tools available?

Pretty as a picture

Do you have images, if so are they tagged and categorised correctly and what about video?

All of these elements done correctly can dramatically improve your website's ranking...we are here to help bring everything up-to-date, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

(For fun, here are some really bad designs

Panic not! we can help.

For £79 we can look at your website and stats and give a full critique report, so you know the areas which need improving. You can then make a choice if you need to just tweek here and there or you are in need a of a new website.

You don't need to hire us (although it would be a pleasure) for a website redesign, but if you feel you'd love to work with us then the £79 will be taken off the website design costs.

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